Neighbors can help or hinder the sale of your home

townhousesI have so many neighbor stories to tell.  Sometimes when I show a home to buyers the neighbors are nearby and watching. I encourage home buyers to talk to neighbors and ask questions.

It is the neighbors who are there volunteering information that can be problematic. We don’t know if they are being honest or if they just don’t want the buyers as neighbors.

Neighbors will point things out like the fact that the home was on the market two years ago but did not sell and that there was mold on the basement that the sellers just painted over it yet we don’t have anyway to verify that.

Your neighbors can kill the sale of your home and reduce it’s value. Sometimes it is because they don’t like their neighbor and sometimes it is because they don’t like the look of the potential buyer and sometimes they do it because they can.

It is common for adjacent home owners to ask me to find the right person to buy their neighbors home. They want “good” neighbors and I am never sure what they mean by good. Generally I don’t get to choose who anyones neighbors will be and even if I could choose I doubt that I would get it right and even if I did get it right there isn’t any guarantee that the new neighbors would like the neighborhood and stay.

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  1. Nice post! Good neighbors make all the difference, yet we usually don’t get to have any control over who that will be.

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