My blue bottle is green



In honor of earth day I want to tell you about my blue bottle. It has been to New York and to Nebraska and a whole bunch of other places.  Did you know you can bring an empty bottle to the airport and then fill it once you get through security?  I am sure the airports would rather sell bottled water which is probably why there are no spigots for filling water bottles.

With this bottle I fill it as full as I can straight from the drinking fountain and then I fill the cap with water and pour the water into the bottle.  It feels like a conspiracy. Everyone wants me to drink bottled water but I won’t.  I refuse to buy water from plastic bottles and even if I have to work at it I keep refilling my blue bottle.  I can not fill it at most fast food restaurants but they will let me fill a paper cup with ice water and I can pour that into the bottle. I always offer to pay for the paper cup that ends up in the trash after my bottle is full.

As I ride my bike along the bike paths by the river the woods glisten with plastic bottles. There are zillions of them in the woods and in the river. There are cases of tap water bottled up and shipped to Minnesota in most every store. When I go to an event bottled water is served. There are other ways to serve water. It can be put in a large container with a spigot.

The water in St. Paul is safe and for those who don’t like the taste there are water filters. Maybe some day drinking fountains will have spigots where water bottles can be filled but until then we just need to be creative. Buy a bottle like mine for a couple of bucks and use it instead of buying bottled water. I also have a metal bottle and I like that one too.

Here is a startling statistic in the US alone 17 million barrels of oil a year to make enough bottles of water to keep up with demand. Additional fuel is needed to put the water in the bottles and ship it to a store near you.

It seems like everyone wants us to drink bottled water  which  is why it is so hard to fill water bottles and why at some events there is no water except water in disposable bottles that are recyclable but end up in the woods and in the ocean.

See Rethink what you drink for more information about bottled water.

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  1. Good article, Teresa. I refuse to drink bottled water too unless there is nothing else. I think it is one of the biggest cons around to sell people what they can get out of their taps for free. Plus like you said the bottles end up all over the place.

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