Minnesota termites

Mudtubes_1 Many states require termite inspections before real estate can change hands.  None are required in Minnesota because there are no termites here.   That is why I was astounded a few years ago when I sold a home that was infested with termites.  The buyer had an inspection and we all saw the mud tubes, but since none of us had ever seen a termite or a mud tube it just did not register.

When an exterminator later informed my buyer that the home had termites no one believed it.  We were told over and over that there are no termites in Minnesota, maybe in Southern Minnesota but not here in St. Paul, we are just too far north.  I later learned that there have been cases of termites in homes on the East side of St. Paul near 35 E,  and there have been a couple of cases in South St. Paul.

I now know what to look for and can at least spot the obvious signs of termites.  The type of termites that live here are call subterranean termites.  They use mud tubes to travel from one place to another.  The picture above shows what a mud tube looks like.  They don’t like light and the mud tubes keep them in the dark.

It isn’t a bad idea for Minnesota home buyers to at least have some awareness of what termite damage, termites and mud tubes look like.

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  1. I’ve heard that we don’t have the flying termites but we do have them in the ground. That is why you shouldn’t pile up dirt so that it reaches the wooden parts of the house and you should never stack wood against the side of the house (and someone may set fire to it!). I don’t really know much about them though. I had heard of the mud tubes. Nice to see pictures.

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