I love to ride my bike



It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. The picture was taken the day before Thanksgiving in 2012. I used my bike to go run a few errands. Biking is fun and I was able to get out last weekend and ride around the neighborhood and run an errand or two by bike instead of by car.  There is an event in Minneapolis that is supposed to promote biking. It is called 30 days of biking and started April 1st.  The beginning of April is not biking weather here in Minnesota

It wasn’t really safe to bike on April 1st because there was this rainy icy stuff on the roads. At times it was hard to walk. April 2 was an OK day to take a bike for a spin it got up into the low 40’s and even though the wind made it feel like 25 degrees biking can be fun for those with proper gear.

Yesterday it snowed and rained most of the day. Roads, paths and walkways were slippery and today there are several inches of snow on the ground which makes biking in the city especially dangerous and for most of us impossible.

Biking is fun and could be better promoted if the 30 days of biking started on April 15th. That way more people would participate and the emphasis would be on enjoying biking instead of biking in bad weather and dangerous conditions. Sure there could still be snow storms after April 15th and even sub zero weather but the odds are much greater that there would be more days that people could really enjoy biking instead of just trying to endure it.

It is supposed to get into the upper 40’s over the weekend. Who knows I may be able to ride again.

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