We need your help


Back before the internet and before the “do not call” list real estate agents used to make cold calls.  They would tell home owners that they have home buyers looking in the neighborhood and then they would ask if the homeowner is interested in selling. It mostly works because there is always someone interested in selling their home.

Right now we do have buyers looking for homes in all neighborhoods and there are not enough homes on the market. I have noticed that one local team of real estate agents has infiltrated several neighborhood facebook groups and asking if anyone wants to sell because he has buyers who are looking.

If you are reading this, and you live in St. Paul and you have a home that you are interested in selling please contact me. We have buyers looking in most neighborhoods and if we don’t we will as soon as we put your home on the market.

Also please understand that there are already homes on the market in every St. Paul neighborhood that have been on the market for a long time and that no one has made an offer on.

If you have a home that you want to sell let me sell it and I promise I won’t join your facebook group to ask for help.

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