Sellers, please put it away

tax returnWhen I show a house to potential home buyers most of them just look at the house and think about it. Others look at everything, like the calendar on the fridge that reveals when the home owner has to move. Sometimes important papers are left lying around so that buyers know that the sellers are in a desperate financial situation.

Last year while touring a home I happened to look down at a desk and saw 2012 income tax returns. I respect your privacy and won’t look at anything that I should not be looking at, and I keep an eye on my buyers but there have been several times over the years when I have observed buyers reading something private in a home they are viewing. They don’t really even think about what they are doing.

Please put any money or valuables away. Most items don’t need to be locked up but should be put away, and important documents like court orders, bank statements, and tax returns should be put away and not left out on desk for anyone to see.

Sellers who open their homes to the general public should be very careful about what they leave out in the open. Most real estate agents can not keep an eye on everyone who comes into your home.

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