No more energy cost information

For years when my buyers were interested in a Home in St. Paul I would contact Xcel energy and they would just give me the average monthly electrical and gas costs for the home.  The information was somewhat helpful if my buyers were concerned about the efficiency of the furnace or a lack of insulation.  Even though we don’t all use our homes the same the numbers were useful.

As of February 1st Xcel energy has changed their policies and the information will not longer be available to just anyone who calls. Only the person who pays the bill or more accurately only the person(s) who are named on the bill can get the information. Home sellers should provide this type of information about their home when they put it on the market.

There is a web site where home buyers and home owners can get information about energy costs and how some improvements will impact energy costs.  See the Home Energy Costs Site it is a government service.

Energy costs are important here in the frozen northland where heating bills can be higher than mortgage payments.  Home buyers need to know what they are getting themselves into.

Screen shot - home energy saver
Screen shot – home energy saver


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