I am better than you real estate

soldI have a lot of empathy for people who have to choose a real estate agent to work with. When I look at the advertising that various real estate companies use I notice that the newer companies like to say that they do things differently and that they are better and of course that their agents care.

Real estate companies do not sell real estate and most real estate agents are independent contractors.  Generally the role of a real estate company is to provide a broker because real estate agents are required to work under a broker.  Real estate offices may also provide office space and the use of copy machines and of course branding.

Each company promises to serve it’s agents better and they all promise to serve their clients better.  Most new real estate companies  are just better because they are different, and they get it.  No one really says what better they just emphasis that they are better than other companies which to me doesn’t sound like a value proposition.

There is one company that claims to employ better technology, but does not really specify what that technology is or what it has to do with real estate. Most agents use a smart phone and have a web site and lets face it you don’t have to be a technological wunderkind to send or receive text messages or to download an app.

Large teams of real estate agents sell more real estate that individual agents sell but I have not figured out exactly how that helps individual sellers. I can not find any instance where a home is sold more quickly or for more money because it was sold by a team of agents.

There isn’t a shortage of real estate agents in St. Paul and right now there are a lot of people asking about how to get a real estate license so they can sell homes too.

Choosing a real estate agent doesn’t have to be hard. Start by asking friends, family, neighbors or co-workers if they have worked with an agent and if they could recommend that agent. Avoid becoming a lead by clicking on the face of the agent next to the listing.

Often that isn’t the listing agent or even anyone who knows anything about the home. I recently tested that out on some of my own listings and the agents I reached were agents who did not know anything about the homes or even the neighborhoods and in most cases I did not get any response from them other than some automatic emails.

If you need help, and you don’t know who to contact give me a call and I’ll help you sort it out. 🙂

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