Running out of places to live?

Seven out of ten (70.0 percent) Twin Cities households own their home in 2010 (Metropolitain council)  There are people who rent homes or live in apartments through out the Twin Cities metro area.  It is hard to live most anywhere in St. Paul without living near a rented home or apartment.  The older neighborhoods closer to downtown have the lowest number of home owners and the highest number of renters.

I have lived across the street from a tri-plex for almost my entire adult life. I can not recall ever having any kind of a problem with anyone who lived in that house.  At one point the owner lived in one of the units but he passed away several years ago.

The row house units near my own home have been mostly owner occupied, but I believe right now one of them is being rented out.  I can’t recall ever having a problem with anyone renting one of the units.  I can recall having a problem with a noisy owner who drank a lot, had loud parties and came home late at night and made a lot of noise between her car and her back door.

Any home can become a rental and it is just about impossible to live anywhere in the city without living near people who are renting.  There are some suburban and exurban areas around the state where the home ownership rate is closer to 95%.  The area with the highest home ownership rate in St. Paul is along the Mississippi river near Minneapolis.


Personally I love living in the city but I recognize that it isn’t a life style that everyone likes as much as I do.

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