Get it in writing

rimlockWe say it over and over but it bears repeating.  When buying or selling a house make sure to get everything in writing.  If the buyers are requesting repairs the nature of the repair should be spelled out.

It isn’t enough to ask to have something in a home replaced because it can not be repaired. We have to spell out what the replacement will be and in some cases you will need to ask that the person doing the installation have the appropriate license.

For example lets say a door knob needs to be replaced.  The buyer may want to specify that the new door knob should be the same as the old one if that is possible or that it should be made of the same material or that it should be the same as the other door knobs in the room.

Never assume that the other party just knows what you mean. If the seller has lived in a home with mis-matched door knobs for twenty years he or she my not see it as a problem.  Alway be as specific as possible.  Using words like brass or wood or even supplying pictures.

I rarely see situations where sellers are truly being dishonest, but misunderstandings are fairly common and can lead to all sorts of problems, hard feelings and even legal action.  Get everything in writing and be as specific as possible.  Never assume that things are supposed to be done a certain way or look a certain way and that it is common knowledge.

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