Fun and Frivolity in February

Ha!  We made it! Today is February 1st and tomorrow is ground hogs day. If the ground hog sees his shadow we will only have five more months of winter.  If the ground hog does not see his shadow winter will be over in five months.

Today for fun we have the Saint Paul Winter Carnival Torch light parade.  Last year it was held during a raging blizzard.  This year it is just going to be kind of cold.  People who are too delicate to watch the parade outside can stand in the skyways.  It will start at 5:30 at the Union Depot and end in Rice Park where the Vulcans will the epic battle between winter and summer and over throw King Boreous on the steps of the library.

There will be fireworks too.  last year I was too cold and wet to stay for the fireworks this year I am going to toughen up and put on some serious winter weather gear and see if I can stick it out.  If not I don’t make it I can always try again next year.

King Vulcanous Rex
King Vulcanous Rex
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