Comes with a real estate agent

Early on in my career I lost out on an opportunity to work with a home buyer because he told me that the lender he was working with also provided a real estate agent.

Apparently this practice is still alive and well today.  I think that the mortgage lenders strongly recommend the services of a particular real estate agent.  I am not sure why they do this because there are like a zillion real estate agents and I don’t see how a mortgage lender could know which one is best for a particular home buyer.

Bottom line is that you will still get the loan no matter which real estate agent you work with or even if you choose to work without an agent. The real estate companies that offer “affiliated services” are always going to recommend agents, lenders and title closers from their brand because that is what they are supposed to do.

Complimentrary real estate agents are not a part of the loan. Feel free to choose your own agent. Some agents will recommend a particular lender but it should only be a suggestion not a requirement.  People ask me or recommendations all of the time.

Mississippi River
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5 Replies to “Comes with a real estate agent”

  1. Couldn’t that also be a bit of a conflict of interest too. The real estate agent is working for the buyer but if they want to keep getting referrals from the lender they better look out for their interests too. As long as the interests of the buyer and the lender coincide all is good but if they don’t…

  2. Teresa Boardman says:

    Barry – I am not sure where the conflict is. It would be hard for the agent to work for the lender. . but lenders working for real estate agents could be a huge conflict.

  3. Well at least hypothetically they could be tempted to get the buyer to stretch to buying a bigger house so the lender gets a larger mortgage from the buyer.

  4. Teresa Boardman says:

    Maybe but that would be really short sighted . . . not to mention just wrong.

  5. 100% agree but stuff happens. 🙂

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