Buying a zip code

Buying a zip code isn’t the same as buying a vowel on the Wheel of Fortune television show.  Real estate agents can buy zip codes or neighborhoods on real estate web sites.  Why would an agent buy a zip code?  Because that is how they become neighborhood experts.  Sometimes agents who have never sold a home in the city of St. Paul become experts on our fair city.  Home buyers who are working with an agent who lives in Plymouth won’t get the same kind of experience that they will get when they work with me.

Home sellers should ask  the agents they interview if they have ever sold a home in the area or if they have worked with home buyers in the area.  It takes more than buying a zip code to really understand a neighborhood.

I had my eye on one of the zip codes that I work in and wanted to buy it, but I will probably have to wait until someone dies it is just never available.  When it comes to ROI not all zip codes are equal. Which brings me right back to the idea of buying a vowel. 🙂 I think I’ll buy an ‘O’.


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