Free advice and second opinions

BlankI am amazed at how often people who are under contract with a real estate agent ask me for advice or for a second opinion.  I won’t second guess how another agent handles a situation because I don’t have the whole story and even if I did it would be just wrong.  I find the questions I get interesting, and I learn from them but I generally can not give free advice on how to handle a specific situation.

Sometimes people who are buying or selling homes believe they can save money if they are not represented by a real estate agent. When they have a question they ask me.   I think they understand that I am an agent, but they ask me questions even though they don’t need an agent which confuses me.  Why don’t they ask someone who isn’t a real estate agent?

There is often more than one way to handle a situation and there are other situations and problems that have only one solution because of all of the laws and regulations there are about how real property is bought and sold in Minnesota.

Some of the questions I get have to do with common business practices and etiquette.  Most people only buy a couple of homes during their life time and so they can not be expected to know how to get into see a house or even how to make an offer on one.

There is a web site where people can get free advice from real estate agents just like me, but not from me because I won’t give free advice to people that I do not know who ask for advice publicly on web sites. [] There are however a lot of agents who will give free advice in writing for specific situations.

I write and give some  free advice on this blog, but that isn’t the same as giving advice on handle a specific situation directly to people who don’t want to work with a real estate agent or who are looking for a second opinion because they are working with the wrong agent or because they want a second opinion because they are working with the right agent, but do not trust his or her judgement.

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2 Replies to “Free advice and second opinions”

  1. Hey Teresa,
    Great post — it made me think. First off, I liked your stance on not giving advice on specific situations that are asked on sites like Trulia. I also found myself nodding my head when you described your experiences being asked questions by folks looking for a 2nd opinion. I recently had a conversation with a fellow agent on this specific subject. She described a situation where a ‘friend’ continually asked her questions regarding the decisions of another agent. My opinion was she was giving away her value simply to be ‘helpful’. I also wonder if this is just a reflection of our new hyper-connected society where people continue to ask questions and seek advice until they get the answer that they are looking to get.

  2. Teresa Boardman says:

    I don’t have a problem with giving it away for free so much as a problem with doing the work when someone else is getting paid to do the job and yes there are people who will keep asking for an opinion until they get on that agrees with theirs.

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