Understanding home inspections

Part of the home buying process for every buyer should be to have a complete home inspection.  No one should purchase something as big and expensive as a house without having an expert look it over.  The buyers home inspection can also protect sellers because a third party is determining the condition of the home.

casementHowever buyers sometimes assume that the point of the inspection is to get the price of the home lowered or to have everything that isn’t to their liking repaired, replaced or upgraded.

Usually sellers are not going to replace expensive items like furnaces if they are working just fine but are not the latest model.  Those old windows may not be energy efficient by today’s standards but most sellers are not going to just replace them all for you.  Keep in mind that the current home owners have probably survived for many years with those leaky old windows.

Typically a home inspector will make a list of recommendations and items that may need immediate attention like a leaky pipe and will list other items that need attention like poor grading around the house or a water heater that is near the end of it’s expected or predicted life, but still working just fine.   Home buyers can use the information for planning or budgeting or they can decide that the house is just too much work and decide not to buy it.

Buyers who expect a lot of repairs and upgrades may be disappointed.  Most sellers are not willing to invest a lot of money into making their soon to be former home better.   It is a good idea to look the home over carefully before making an offer.  If it looks like the home needs a lot of repairs and if it is priced too high, offer less or find a home that needs less work. . . like new construction.

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