Think about the children

StudentIt is Friday, and Fridays are for fun. This past week has not been fun at all.  The -35 to -55 below wind-chills and cold weather closed the schools agent and then it snowed a lot.

Long ago someone decided that we should have school in the winter but not in the summer so that the children could be home during the summer to help out on the farm.

We don’t have many farms here in the city.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to keep our children home during the month of  January so they can help with the shoveling, and possibly with the taxes and send them to school in July?

There were only two days in January when it was safe to go outside, and I think both were on weekends or non-school days.  Lets stop the madness and have school in July and not in January.

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2 Replies to “Think about the children”

  1. Then in the summer they can’t play outside. They can’t play outside in the winter as it is. So, might as as well get them in school and let them have a nice playful summer. It also interferes with having fun vacations – no?

  2. Teresa Boardman says:

    It would probably help the travel industry if more people took vacations in January . Folks could go someplace warm.

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