Organized house hunting

2014-01-26 14.27.49Evernote is a note taking tool that is excellent for house hunting and keeping it all organized.  A Fancy yet simple and unstructured app for taking notes so that they can be stored and easily retrieved.   I have Evernote on my computers and mobile devices including an iPad and an Android type phone.

The notes are stored in the cloud, and I can access them from any of my mobile devices or computers. Notes can be typed or consist of voice recordings or pictures and reminders can be created in a note.

Evernote is free, but I have a premium account that costs less than $50 a year.  It gives me more, storage space and some additional features.

The notes are searchable, and I sometimes take pictures of receipts and the words in the pictures also become searchable.  I started using Evernote to keep track of my business receipts so that I have them all at tax time. Pictures of houses are handy to have too along with notes about the house.

Home buyers can start a notebook just for their home search where they can keep track of homes they are viewing, how the finance process is going, and anything else they might want to take notes on or store infomation about in one place.

Evernote notes can be shared. I have some lists in Evernote that I share with my clients and they don’t need an Evernote account to view them.

Evernote isn’t just for real estate, but it is a great tool.  A note can include words, pictures and even voice recordings.  There is a web clipper available for every major browser which makes it super easy to capture links and whole pages from the internet for future reference like this article even.

I can’t think of a better tool for the house hunting process or the selling process.  Evernote is also a great tool for planning a wedding or vacation or any number of projects.  We all like to get organized in January, and this is one of those tools that people are still using in February.

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