Off to NYC

I’ll be heading out to New York City this week to the Inman connect conference put on by Inman News.  They are even going to let me talk this time but not very much.  I have been writing a column for real estate agents for Inman News for almost six years now. I am kind of a trouble maker in the world of real estate writing.

The conferences are fun.  I’ll probably learn something new, and I’ll meet some interesting people.  There will be industry leaders there, movers and shakers but most are so far removed from real state here in St. Paul that it is like stepping into another world which is always fun.

I took this picture in Times Square several years ago.  I am planning on getting some pictures this week.  My peers in real estate tell me that the camera is obsolete and has been replaced by the smart phone but what the heck I am going to bring my camera and a couple of lenses and  a tripod and if it doesn’t work out I can always use my phone.



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