January is real estate commercial month

houseI have been watching videos of the new real estate marketing campaigns for 2014.  The National Association of Realtors lets us preview advertising before it hits the airwaves and the big brand real estate companies usually have videos available on YouTube.

The videos are filled with smiling children, large grassy lawns, homes with swimming pools or that are located on the seashore.  The homes in the ads are huge, and just about everything in them is white or off white.  They have big garages filled with expensive cars.

Usually toward the end of the ad there if a young beautiful woman dressed in a suit either handing someone some keys or standing by the sold sign that has the logo of the company that the advertisement is for.

Reality isn’t anything like the advertisements.  At least my reality is not at all like them.  The average age of a Realtor in the US is over 55 years of age, and the average and I see hundreds of properties each year and most of them don’t look like the homes in the advertisements.   Most people in Minnesota don’t have in ground pools and most of the homes in St. Paul are more than 25 years old and just don’t look like the pictures on TV.

I just want everyone to know that chances are their first home or even their dream home isn’t going to look like or be like the stunning properties seen in the advertising.  Most of us live happily ever after in less than 5000 square feet and without wall-to-wall white carpeting or 12 foot high rounded windows.  There are millions of people who live in cities where the houses are smaller and so are the lawns.

In fact in the last year I have worked with several buyers who were specifically looking for small homes and most of my buyers are looking for older homes and some of them even have the courage to fix up or restore those older homes to make them new again.

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