Could you be an Airbnb?


 If you have not heard of you probably will.  The web site provides a way for people who have rooms to rent them directly to people who are looking for a room.  Sometimes Airbnb rentals are generally short term, an alternative to a hotel room rather than a more permanent place to live. 

  Entire homes and apartments can also be rented.There are people in St. Paul who are renting out rooms and homes through the site.  It might sound scary to some.  There is a messaging system built into the site so renters and room owners can communicate directly.  Renters are verified through their social media account.  There are reviews about the rooms and the hosts which takes some of the fear out of the process.  

The whole system works great for people who want to work directly with property owners or people looking for rooms.  I have several friends who give airbnb rave reviews.  

I know people who have extra rooms in their homes and people who have condos that they do not live in, but stay in several times a year.  The room or condo has to be furnished, and the owners generally supply sheets and towels but you don’t have to cook breakfast.   

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