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Over the weekend I was doing a little research for my favorite home buyers.  I plan on looking at some homes for them later today.  I need to look at them in person because they look so bad in the photographs that the buyers I am working with are not even considering a look.  If the homes turn out to be better than they look in the photographs I’ll recommend them to the buyers and see if they will have a look at them.

I know I have written about this before, but it bears repeating.  Photographs are one of the most effective marketing tools we have in real estate.   Buyers comb the internet looking for that perfect home and they see photographs of parts of rooms, dark photographs, blurry photographs or way to few photos.

Not all real estate agents can take decent photographs but there are plenty of professional photographers who can take amazing photographs and anyone can hire a photographer.

If your home is currently on the market compare the photographs to those found on sites like  Sure maybe your home doesn’t look like that but look at the lighting in the photographs and how sharp and clear they are and how they show whole rooms instead of just room parts.  If photographed correctly even a modest home can look amazing.

Here is a photo taken in a modestly priced home that was not staged. 


The entire room is shown, and we made sure to make it absolutely the best it could be with a lot of light and chose an angle designed to make it look large, but not distorted. 

Buyers love pictures and often base their decisions about which homes to look at based on the pictures.  


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