My kitty cat loves Christmas

 It is Friday and Friday is for fun.  I forgot to write a post for yesterday and no one noticed. 🙂

IMG 5729
Tiger the kitty cat

The cat loves to hang out under the tree and she likes to climb it too. She thinks we put it there just for her . .. . and maybe we did.  She also likes to help with the wrapping by sitting inside of boxes and walking on the gift wrap. 

If you have not finished your Christmas shopping yet good luck with that.  If you don’t celebrate Christmas, Joy to you!

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2 Replies to “My kitty cat loves Christmas”

  1. *I* noticed there was no post yesterday. But, as someone who posts to another group Monday through Friday, I know that days off are kind of rare. I figured you had other things to do in, y’know, your life.

    Merry Christmas, Teresa.


    1. Teresa Boardman says:

      Wow! thanks for noticing. I do post almost every day, but I often write several posts over the weekend.

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