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Happy new year

I almost hate to see 2013 go.  It has been a wonderful year as homes began to appreciate and more home owners had equity and were able to sell.  It was a good year for home buyers too with low interest rates.  

 The Spring and summer months were tough because the small number of homes on the market forced buyers to compete with each other as homes got multiple offers.  I wrote offers for my buyers on homes that had been on the market for less than 24 hours and some of my listings got offers before I could get a for sale sign up.  

Severe cold has cooled the real estate market but it won’t be long until it picks up again.

2014 should be as good or maybe even better than 2013 as the real estate market continues to recover allowing more home owners to sell. 

St. Paul, MN

Enjoy the holiday!  


Teresa Boardman
Realtor®, MN,
Licensed Broker
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