Friday fun

Give the gift of fruit cake


It is Friday the 13th and Fridays are for fun.

Virtual gifts are OK because it is the thought that counts and what better virtual gift is there than Fruitcake? 

Yes I know I post this every holiday season. 

When it comes to holiday humor there isn’t anything funnier than a fruitcake, or is it nuttier than a fruitcake?  Does it matter?  In some circles it is a tradition to send fruitcakes to relatives and maybe co-workers that that we don’t like.

I happen to like fruitcake, and I am not making that up.  I am going to leave this fruitcake on my blog for anyone who needs to send a last minute virtual Christmas gift. 

Just email this post to someone who you think really deserves this beautiful fruitcake.  It is the thought that counts and this way no food will be wasted.    Go ahead try it.  It has been said that there is only one fruit cake and that it has navigated the globe being gifted and re-gifted.  It makes me wonder where this one will end up.

2 comments on “Give the gift of fruit cake
  1. Barry says:

    That looks better than any fruit cake I’ve even seen before. I could even eat that one…well at least pick the nuts off the top!

  2. Teresa Boardman says:

    nah. that is the icky kind of fruit cake. There is some good fruit cake locally. I have seen it at lunds/byerly’s. it costs about $12 a pound


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