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 The spring home selling season starts sooner than most people realize.  Now is a great time to start planning if you want to sell your home in the spring.I don’t like to see home owners spend anymore money than they have to so I recommend that they start by decluttering.  What is decluttering you ask?   To me that means putting away most of the knick knacks and what nots and stuff that fills our homes.  Honestly it doesn’t matter if the stuff was put there by a professional decorator when it comes time to sell, less is more.  Buyers need to picture the space with their own stuff/clutter in it. 

I also suggest putting family photos away and even reducing the amount of art work on the walls unless it is a Picasso or a Cezanne.  It may be hard to put the Hummel collection away and you may think I am being mean by suggesting that the beanie babies have to go, but the effort will be rewarded with a faster sale and for more money. 

Remove all of the stuff on the front of the refrigerator and the extra coats in the front entry way.  In general put ‘stuff’ away or store it if necessary to make rooms look bigger and to show the possibilities.  Sometimes some of the furniture and even the rugs need to be taken out. 

There is evidence that clutter causes stress and to some ‘stuff’ is clutter.  Potential home buyers will see more home if there is less stuff to look at.  


Teresa Boardman
Realtor®, MN,
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