The man in lights

IMG 3212
Walk light is on

Some drivers have a hard time seeing the “walk” sign.  They pull into the cross walk and look to their left as they signal to take a right turn.  They never look or see me standing on the corner to their right getting ready to walk across the street.  

I have been known to walk right up to a car or truck and start yelling.  It just isn’t safe to cross without making eye contact with the drivers who don’t see me or that the walk light is on. 

One of my clients got hit by a truck while she was on her bike trying to cross a street with the walk light on.  The truck never saw her because the driver never looked to his right.   She is alright, but her bike was totalled and she is pissed off and so am I.

When you pull up to an intersection and stop at the red light look to your left and to your right.  If you see a light that is shaped like a man and it is all lit up that means that you can not take that right turn on red until there are no more pedestrians on the cross walk. 

The weather is gorgeous this labor day weekend.  lets just assume that everyone who isn’t behind the wheel of a car is out walking or biking and look to the right before making that right turn on a red light. 

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