How many offer does it take?

Perfect house

I just love it when I can get multiple offers for my sellers and like most agents I do my best to make that happen.  How many offers are enough?  Usually by three or four offers we have the highest and best offer.  It is not at all unusual to get a few offers on a home that are almost identical.  

We can only sell the home to one buyer and each home is worth a finite amount of money.  Once a couple of offers are received that are at or above the appraised value there really isn’t any point in getting more offers.

Your agent may tell you that they want your listing exposed to as many people as possible and that they want to get as many offers as possible.  The all sounds wonderful but there is a relatively small number of people who are interested in a particular house and an even smaller number who are ready to buy and who can buy it.  

Targeted marketing to that smaller number of people and sometimes just one offer will get the sellers the most amount of money for their home.  Modern marketing is about targeted marketing as opposed to marketing to everyone and hoping someone will be interested.

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