Walking in a walkable neighborhood

 In recent weeks I have been working with clients who have worked in St. Paul for many years and have now decided that they want to live here too instead of commuting from the burbs every day. 

The time used to commute to and from work can be used for other things as can the money is costs for gasoline and a nice car that will look good in the nice three car garage that the house is attached to. 

Here in the city we can live close to work and we can live so close to businesses that we can walk to the store to buy a loaf of bread which may take longer than driving but it still saves the drive to the gym to get some exercise.  What seems noisy to suburbanites seems vibrant to city residents. 

The most walkble neighborhood in St. Paul and in Minnesota is downtown St. Paul.  With a walk score of 95 which makes it a walkers paradise.  At least according to Walkscore.com .  If you are looking for a home in a walkable neighborhood give the site a try.  Type in an address or a zip code and get a walk score complete with a list of nearby amenities.   

The second most walkable neighborhood is Summit Hill with  score of 77 followed by Summit University with a score of 76 which is tied with the Midway area and Macalester-Groveland  scores a respectable  73. 

There is also a mobile app to take along when house hunting. 

Downtown St. Paul – walkscore 97
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