National Unplug Day


 It is Friday and Fridays are for fun.  There is a new  holiday called National Unplug Day.  The idea is to stay off of social networks and off of the internet.  National Unplug day starts at sundown today March 1,  and lasts until sundown in Saturday March 2. 

I can’t really unplug.  I don’t exactly have a 9 to 5 type job with weekends off and my clients would be most upset if I just chose a day and decided not to respond to emails, text messages, phone calls or offers.   If you can not reach your real estate agent tonight or tomorrow it is probably because they have decided to participate in unplug day. (ha ha ha ha)

I feel the need to honor this all important holiday instead of just making fun of it.  I am not going to post on this blog on Saturday.  Besides if everyone is unplugged and off the internet no one will be reading it anyway.

Check out the unplug web site and consider unplugging for the day. 

Screenshot 2 28 13 9 00 AM
The sign I made from the unplug web site
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