A great sunday for open houses

Today is a great day to go to an open house. The spring home buying season in St. Paul is well underway and open houses are an opportunity to do some shopping. 

It used to be that we could find most of the open houses by looking at the real state sections of the local newspapers but that was back in the day when most everyone read the newspaper.  

The best way to find open houses is to search the interent but you will not find them on the popular third party web sites.  In fact some large local brokerages don’t put any of their listings on the third party sites.  The best sources are the web sites of local agents and real estate companies. 

If you click on the house on the right side bar on this site and then on the advanced search tab towards the top on the left you will get a list of open houses.  When you go to an open look for additional open houses by watching for open house signs because some open house are only advertised with signs.


If your home is on the market but your agent isn’t doing an open house this weekend don’t worry.  If your home is priced right it will sell just as quickly without any open houses. Sometimes homes sell at open houses but most do not.  Serious home buyers usually work with real estate agents and they don’t always have sundays off.  They will stop by with their agent during the week and look at your home. 

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