Friday fun

It is that time of year again

 It is Friday and Fridays are for fun.  In addition to starting arguments about the names of various St. Paul neighborhoods and publishing typos I like to shoot peeps.

I started a group on Flickr for others who share my passion for photographing peeps.  Personally I don’t like to eat them but I know that some people do . . eat them, the peeps that is.  

Every year someone suggests that I put my peeps in the microwave.  Actually several people suggest it every year which is probably why I don’t put them in the microwave but I understand that they can be microwaved and a lot of people think that microwaving then is entertaining. 

There are some really creative shots in the Flickr “I love Peeps” group, check it out and perhaps contribute a few peeps of your own.  You don’t have to put them in the microwave but if it makes you so happy that you giggle like a girl go for it. 

You can even microwave them and maybe stick tooth picks in them so they look like they are jousting or something and of course I never heard of the peep diorama contest that the Pioneer Press Newspaper holds every year so I hope someone will stop by and tell me about it. Did you know that you can put peeps in the microwave?  Yup you can.

IMG 8438
Pink Peeps 

I just like to shoot peeps my own way and there isn’t really anything anyone can do about it.  Have a nice weekend.

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