Home buyers don’t know it isn’t spring


It still looks like winter outside and we are getting more of that white stuff but the spring real estate market is in full swing.  Last week I was asked by a home seller if he should list his home now or wait until spring.  Right now the demand for home is high, the inventory of homes on the market is low and interest rates are low.   

Most of my buyers are finding that mortgage payments are smaller than monthly rent payments and tomorrow I will write about some of the other costs of home ownership because there is more to it than payments but even so rents are high and interest rates are low. 

Sellers could wait for warmer weather but buyers are looking now.  I have been showing homes most evenings and writing offers.  My sellers have all gotten offers in the last two weeks.  

Home values have gone up a little but are not close to what they were during the peak.  Even with the shortage of homes on the market homes are still not back up t0 2006 prices.

If you plan to put your home on the market in the spring, spring is now in the housing market. . . .

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2 Replies to “Home buyers don’t know it isn’t spring”

  1. More of the white stuff here in Toronto as well. Spring makes people think more about purchasing. Well spring is almost here for sure. Mortgage rates are still good and prices of properties pretty much the same. I am predicting a really great spring!

  2. Yes,that’s right!
    real estate is one of the only business in which prices of homes can not be reduced its continuously increasing. So don’t compare real estate prices with climatic conditions.

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