Photographs from the past

 I have been cleaning up my photoblog.  It was hacked last year and has to be restored from a backup.  The process kind of created a mess with extra letters here and there through out the blog.   Here are some photographs from around St. Paul that I kind of forgot about.

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Como Conservatory

I have many pictures of Como park and the conservatory but not many taken outside during the winter. 

IMG 361t edited 1 wm
Brick Building

This building is in the Summit hill area in St. Paul.  They just don’t build them like this any more. 

Alexander Ramsey House – Exchange street, St. Paul, MN

Nothing like a stone victorian era house. This was the home of Alexander Ramsey.  They even named a county after him. Ramsey was the first territorial governor. You can tour this wonderful and well preserved relic from the past. 

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  1. Awesome Real estate work. Thank you for sharing.

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