Need tax advice?

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 I always need help with taxes and I always struggle with them.  As a Minnesota licensed real estate broker I can not give tax advice but  there are agents who will give tax advice and some are  knowledgable.

There are tax preparers and experts who give real estate advice.  In fact your mother, a co-workers, next door neighbor or friends can probably give you real estate advice and tax advice and if you don’t know any experts you can just watch TV and read the paper.  

I suppose I could just end this blog post right here but what the heck.  If you need tax advice about real estate that you own or plan to buy you may find the help you need on the IRS web site or maybe you could consult a CPA.  The regulations have changed and now tax preparers have to pass tests and know stuff.  

Sometimes home buyers or sellers believe that a good Realtor can give them tax advice and investment advice.  The truth is that a good Realtor® is supposed to let you know that they can not give tax advice. . . unless of course they have credentials as a tax advisor in addition to their real estate license. 

Should you prepare your own Tax return?  I can’t answer that but found some free advice on the internet

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2 Replies to “Need tax advice?”

  1. I just need some good suggestion about reducing the amount of tax i pay. Can you please suggest some good ways.
    Thank you.

    1. Teresa Boardman says:

      I am a Realtor you need a CPA

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