National Radon Month


 Occasionally home buyers have radon tests conducted before buying a home.  Not a bad idea but most people don’t bother. 

If the test is performed by a home inspector it will cost about $100.Radon tests are easy to perform and home owners can do their own test if they can read and follow instructions.

The kits are available at hardware and home improvement stores for around $25.00.  Basically an air samples are collected and sent to the Minnesota Health Department where they are tested for Radon gas.

Radon gas occurs in nature and is odorless and colorless and has been associated with some forms of cancer. 

There are radon mitigation systems that can be installed in homes with radon gas.  

For information and advice about Radon gas and other indoor environmental concerns you just can’t beat the information on the Minnesota Department of Health web site. 

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