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It is Friday and Fridays are for fun and Facebook is fun to make fun of. I almost deleted my Facebook account during the election but I hung in there and it has quieted down now that it is all over but there are some things that bug me like the way some people post this “stuff” that they find someplace.  

I think it is supposed to be inspirational or something but they remind me of the early days of email where people forwarded messages they thought were cute or clever to everyone in their address book.  

To make it even worse people are posting stuff that other people wrote and asking us to click on it if we agree and share it with others if we care.  It might say “Like this is you believe in motherhood apple pie and the flag”  and then it will say if you really care you will share and I know that 97% of my friends won’t bother sharing.

I hate those posts with the heat of a thousand suns. . . . . and won’t “like” them or share.  So far because of that I end up not liking kittens or caring about people of dying of cancer.

end of rant . . have a nice day.  Please like this post if you agree that the posts on Facebook that you have to like and share are really stupid.  I know that only 3% of you will take the time but it doesn’t hurt to ask now does it? 

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  1. Agreed! Preach realtor lady!

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