accidental upgrade

backhoe wm
backhoe wm

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun.  This bad old blog of mine is old especially in blog years and I thought I had seen everything but I was wrong.   Last Wednesday I accidently upgraded it by clicking the wrong link.  I was trying to update a plug-in.   I can not think of any other type of software that would install itself without asking “are you sure?” at least twice and forcing me to read and accept something that doesn’t make sense and is at least 20 pages long. 

At first everything looked just fine but gradually I began to find little problems here and there and maybe a couple of the problems were big and ugly and amazingly after taking some deep cleansing breaths I have been able to fix them all . . so far.  I use the word amazingly because my WordPress skills are average.  I think my research and problem solving skills are above average and I use them to compensate. 

I have wanted to redesign this site for some time but have been putting it off.  This weekend would be the perfect time to work on it.  

I may just take if offline and leave my standard under construction message:

“Under Construction Please Hold Your Laughter Until We are Finished”

I had that message on one of my sites for a year. I kind of forgot about it. 

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