New Mural

IMG 6108 tonemapped
Produce painting bu Nance Derby Davidson

 I am not sure if mural is the right word but local artist Nancy Derby Davidson created a painting for the sign on Cooper’s Foods on W. 7th street near St. Clair Avenue.  The outside of the store and the entry was inside the store have been repainted to coordinate with the sign.

IMG 6109 tonemapped
Cooper’s repainted

It all looks wonderful and there was a kind of grand opening thing on Saturday.  Dave Thune from the St. Paul city council showed up as did former mayor George Latimer.

For many of us the store has been our source of food for decades.  It is very much a neighborhood store and sometimes a place to catch up on the local gossip.  I guess it is more like a neighborhood institution. 

IMG 6113 tonemapped
Dave Thune, George Latimer and Nancy Derby Davidson – Oct 27 2012
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One Reply to “New Mural”

  1. You are correct, TB, that “mural” might not be the right word.
    We must be careful if we allow excessive signage under the guise of “art.” Clearly this image says “we sell fruit & vedge,” and does not depict an historic event, a philosophy, landscape, or other typical mural subject matter.
    On the other hand, the current sign code does not allow for much artistic expression – The Beer Dabbler is a case in point. The City picked on them and yet are considering letting Clear Channel skirt the law with billboard extensions. That ain’t right.
    Great improvement, but most of us would have preferred new flooring inside (however, out of the GTA scope, I imagine).

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