Haunted Real Estate

In honor of Halloween I thought it might be a good idea to provide some home buying tips to buyers who may not want to buy a haunted house.  We all know that the Forepaughs mansion is haunted by Molly the maid and the former owner of the mansion Joseph Forepaugh.  In fact I even managed to get pictures of the ghosts.

fourpaughs ghosts
forepaughs ghosts

There is room on the sellers disclosure in Minnesota so that sellers can disclose that a home is haunted but they rarely use it but buyers should read it carefully just in case.   This particular home is now a restaurant and the hauntings have never been kept a secret but the average buyer needs to watch out for haunted real estate unless they too plan to open a french restaurant.

Buyers should always have a home inspection and watch out for signs of haunting like ghost droppings, creaky boards, the wind blowing inside when the windows are closed, objects floating or flying through the air and maniacal laughter from unexplained or perhaps invisible sources.   Not all ghosts will allow themselves to be photographed like the ghosts in the picture above.

I want home buyers to know that I have never sold a haunted property.  Please call now and I will help you buy a home that isn’t haunted. 

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2 Replies to “Haunted Real Estate”

  1. I think here in Denver as agents we are not supposed to tell clients about the chance of a home being haunted…

    1. Teresa Boardman says:

      probably best to stick with facts not possibilities.

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