Augmented reality

The latest version of the mobile app for our MLS (multiple listing service)  now has “HomeSpotter” which is augmented reality.  The app is just for realtors at this point but there will be a consumer version in the near future.

Home buyers can put the app in their iPhone or android type phone and point the camera in any direction and the homes on the market that are nearby that are on the market will show up on the screen.   

I took the screen print from my iPad while I was at CoCoMSP on 4th street near Sibley in downtown St. Paul.  I pointed the camera North and it shows that  5 properties at 168 6th street, also known as Airye condominiums and it shows some office space available at 401 Robert Street North.  

The little round circle in the lower left corner shows which direction the device is pointing and the yellow dots show real estate for sale or rent.  


It seems to be fairly accurate.  The data is coming from our MLS which is a reliable source.  Sadly an app is only as good as the data that it uses. 

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  1. Great writeup, Teresa!

    Feel free to send us any suggestions along the way to continue to make it better.



    1. Teresa Boardman says:

      will do.

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