Property Tax Hearing

Have you seen your Ramsey County proposed property tax statement for 2012 yet?  Chances are your property taxes went up this year.  We got an increase of 8.1%.  The county assessor decided that our property value is the same as it was last year.

If you own property in Minnesota chances are your property taxes went up even if your home value went down.   Part of the increase is due to a change the State of Minnesota made to get a budget passed last summer.  The state needed to cut spending which they did by reducing the amount of money they use to off set some of our property taxes. It is a taxation shell game and is designed to be too complicated and convoluted for tax payers to understand.

There is a video on the MPR web site that explains the increase and Ramsey county is referencing the video as their explanation too which makes sense because we all trust MPR.   The state switched from the Homestead Market Value Credit to the Homestead Market Value Exclusion.  

death and taxes

This evening at 6:30 PM there is a public meeting/open house to discuss proposed 2012 budgets and proposed 2012 property taxes. You are invited to attend this meeting to express your opinion regarding the proposed budget and levy.  The hearing will be held at Roseville Area High School Cafeteria 1240 County Road B2, Roseville, MN [details and map]

The hearings are a hoot and there are several of them.  Angry tax payers will complain about everything under the sun and some of it even has to do with taxes.  When the complaining is done the proposed property taxes will become the property taxes, due in October and May of each year.  

The property tax statement itself has a lot of information on it and is worth a read. 

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