LRT construction update part 2

 Kellogg Blvd at the corner of Jackson next to the post office will never look the same again and maybe that isn’t such a bad thing.  The building on the East corner is gone as is most of the parking area.  This block of Sibley street has been closed for months but Kellogg Blvd is open all the way. 

Kellogg and Jackson
Kellogg and Sibley
Union Depot
Union Depot

The historic union depot will become a transit station and as a St. Paul native I have to say I am thrilled that it will be put back into service.  The angle I chose for the photo is an unusual one but it is hard to get close to the front of the building now with all the roads and walkways dug up and closed. 

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2 Replies to “LRT construction update part 2”

  1. This is Kellogg and Sibley, not Jackson, right? I was confused… I drive down Kellogg every morning and all four corners of Jackson look the same as always…

    1. Teresa Boardman says:

      You are right it is Sibley. Jackson is open. thanks i will fix it in the post

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