Car Vs Fountain


It happens every couple of years.  Someone keeps going South on N. Walnut street instead of turning right or left on Irvine Park and they hit the historic fountain in the park when they go off the road and straight down the hill. This accident wasn't caused by snow it happened before the snow.  The driver was taken away in an ambulance.  When it is car Vs., Fountain the fountain wins. 

There were many spin outs and accidents on Saturday because of the snow storm.  My daughter spun out on a freeway exit ramp but she was not injured and there was no damage to her car.  I managed to take out a street sign in Bloomington.  My car was damaged which is a shame because I have had it for less than two months.  I am lucky that no other car was involved but I dislike having a new car customized that way.

I am sure insurance companies and car body shops will be busy today. Car repairs give someone local an opportunity to have a job and make some money so it isn't all bad.

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  1. It would appear that the fountain usually gets the better of the car in these collisions. Snow already, that’s a little depressing.

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