Making a list

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun.  I thought I would write a list of all of the major streets in St. Paul, MN that don't have some kind of construction on them right now. 

Here is my list:

I picked the topic because I knew I would not have to write much.  In general I like writing but this week I used up all of my words and I still have some week left.  I am almost out of photos too and I hope to get some more this weekend.  It is hard to take a picture without getting at least one orange cone or road closed sign  in it so I decided to try looking up.  No orange on the state capitol building but it looks like there is some construction, destruction or restoration work going on there too.  I wonder why they don't put orange cones on it?

MN Capitol building

The Chicago institute of art knows how to make the most out of those orange cones.  I wonder if we could do something like that here?

orange cone sculpture 

Have a great weekend.

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One Reply to “Making a list”

  1. LOL. Having lived the better part of my life in NYC/Boston, I know a thing or two about traffic and street construction. Is the construction in St. Paul based on the heavy winters or are you guys planning for major development/growth?

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