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This is the farmers market last Saturday.  There is a lot of equipment, and destruction downtown for construction of the light rail line.  There are roads closed and it is kind of a mess but it needs to be done.  I rode my bike to the farmers market so I didn't have any trouble and there is ample parking around the market for cars or bikes. 

I have been keepingNoparking_wm up on the construction and I know which roads are open but I don't get the parking.  The 
city had put hoods on a large number of parking meters in the lowertown area. There doesn't seem to be any construction or construction equipment any where near the meters and they leave the hoods on twenty four hours a day seven days a week.  I would think that it would help downtown merchants if people could at least park on the street in the evening and on the weekends.  Why not take the hoods off between projects, at the end of the day or on weekends?  

Each time  I go down there I think to myself why don't they just close downtown and get it over with? There has to be a better way for us to all get along and  live in harmony. Putting bright red hoods on the meters and just leaving them there might not be the best way to encourage people enjoy downtown after hours and on weekends.

I seldom see any construction work being done after hours and there isn't construction anywhere near many of the hooded meters. I know there are parking ramps and lots but for short term parking meters on the street are so much more convenient.  The meters cost 25 cents a second (slight exaggeration for effect) the city has to be missing all of that revenue by now. They could count on a couple of hundred each year just from my parking tickets.


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2 Replies to “Welcome to downtown”

  1. padraig o'mahoney says:

    Somebody in St. Paul gets a perverse thrill out of hooding meters “just because they can.” Now that they have escalated the parking fine to $33, I have vowed never again to drive downtown for any reason. I wonder if any officials have thought over the self-defeating nature of this ridiculous fine for overtime meters. All it means is people have yet another excuse to avoid going downtown. Two things would bring downtown St. Paul back from the dead, but nobody has the courage to do either. (A) rip out the parking meters. (B) Run a trolley, a real one on rails, down Grand Avenue from the Mississippi River to Lowertown.

  2. Concerning lost meter revenue, I suspect St. Paul is similar to Mpls. From the City of Mpls web site: “In addition to Lane Use Fees, there are also lost revenue fees associated with hooding of parking meters. These rates vary depending on the location in the City of Minneapolis.”

    Concerning unhooding meters, how would you prevent someone from parking at an unhooded meter before it was rehooded? As an example, I once was ticketed adjacent to Rice Park (back when Saturday parking was free) because the space I was in was subsequently hooded in the evenings for carriage usage.

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