Prices and home sales by St. Paul Neighborhood

The data used to make this table was complied from the data in the RMLS (regional multiple listing service), it is considered reliable but not guaranteed.  There are no guarantees in life.  The numbers are for all residential, single family homes, including town houses and condos listed in the in the city of St. Paul during the month of July.


The inventory of homes on the market continues to drop and for the fifth consecutive month average sale prices have gone up. Home sales were up in June but for July there were about the same number of sales as there were in May.  Home sales are down from last July as are prices.

It is possible that our local housing market did bottom out in about February, by bottom I mean price. The inventory of homes on the market continues to decline.  There are batgains in new construction and there are still some of those low priced foreclosures available.  The banks lower the prices of the foreclosures until they get multiple offers on them.  

The downtown condo market lags behind with higher average prices and days on market than the rest of the neighborhoods.

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3 Replies to “Prices and home sales by St. Paul Neighborhood”

  1. In which of those data sets does the North End belong? It’s not Como, but I don’t think it’s Central either, is it?

  2. teresa boardman says:

    The MLS districts do not line up perfectly with the neighborhoods but the bulk of the North end is in area 742 Central

  3. Ah, thanks for the clarification. I think we’re in the western sliver that is more Como. I want to know which row to watch in your periodic postings of these data. I suppose I should keep an eye on both.

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