Home Sales and Prices By Neighborhood


As promised here are those lovely numbers I mentioned last week.  The chart shows sales of single family homes including condos and town houses for the month of January 2008, in St. Paul Minnesota.  To make the chart larger, click on it.

The data used to make this chart comes from the Regional Multiple Listing Service, the data is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.  I am also deemed reliable but like everything else in life there are no guarantees.

Homes that are in the pending column received offers during the month of January 2008.  Real estate is local and one months data doesn’t mean all that much.  To compare this January with last January follow this link

Here is a link to more Local market conditions and home price data.

2 Replies to “Home Sales and Prices By Neighborhood”

  1. Interesting the overall amount of homes wow thats huge but new listing is quite a bit also for one month. I find the price the houses listed and sold for not bad houses in our area are dropping like 75,000-100,000 from original list and in that aspect I think you are doing good. Your pending is somewhat promising and I think your area looks like it is fairing well.

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