Death by Laughter


Bad title, “Death by Laughter” especially on a Friday, because Fridays are for fun.  There has been a lot of research about laughter and the positive health benefits we experience by having a good laugh.   When I found this graphic on Todd Carpenter’s blog yesterday, I was almost immobilized by laughter.   I am thankful to know people like Todd because he makes sure that there isn’t a chance that I will ever take myself too seriously, which is a good thing because laughing is healthier.

Here is Todd’s post:

“I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about a great new product I’ll be offering. Boardman’s St. Paul Style Fast Franks are the perfect treat for bloggers. Since most bloggers are night owls, what better product could you ask for than a hot dog you can cook in the microwave? Realty blogging guru, Teresa Boardman has fully endorsed the product saying, “I think they are close to craptastic, but who knows they might work for some.”

On a more serious note, Todd’s post was inspired by a post I wrote about plagiarism, which is a problem.  Entire blog posts are stolen from my blogs, and photos too.   My name, face and blog posts are used to promote products, and sell advertising with out my knowledge or consent.  I may enjoy a good laugh but when it comes to plagiarism of any kind I get serious. 

As for my face I am not sure if I own it.  I know that I don’t own all the pictures of it because they were taken by others and I have signed one or two releases giving media organizations permission to use my face.  Now I want it back but I can’t have it because it doesn’t belong to me anymore. Strange for a REALTOR, because most have their face plastered all over the place.  My name may or may not belong to me, I am not sure how that works, I am a REALTOR, not a lawyer.

Have a great weekend, laugh all you can, resist the urge to stay in the lines when you color a picture, and never take something that doesn’t belong to you.  About the “Franks” in the ad, I do not endorse eating hotdogs of any kind.  I learned how they are made a long time ago and think that if given a choice between eating one, and laughing, I would choose laughing as the healthy alternative. The graphic in this post was created by Todd Carpenter and it is being used on my blog with his permission.

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